About Us

Our Story

It is a simple one. We saw a real need Small Business Owners, Real Estate Professionals, and Insurance Agents have and created a platform to help them. We solve the problem most small business owners have: lack of time and training to succeed in today’s business world. We have enough experience to show that our program works. Our rates are competitive and we are sure you will find value in our services.

We are fully invested in our clients, because it’s only when they succeed that we succeed!

About Us

Our Approach

We understand that small business owners, real estate professionals, and insurance agents are busy…and “busy” may be an understatement. Social media is a long-term strategy that requires consistency.  With these understandings in mind, we created our business model and competitive rates.

Our vision is for small business owners to be able to trace results back to our social media and business training efforts. Social Media Torch cares about the success of each of our clients. In short, our team makes sure we are helping you stay profitable.

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