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social media platform buildout


one time

  • Custom Images
  • Blink Test Approved
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Search Marketing Optimized
  • Social Proof Level 1
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 strategy and branded content (starting at)


per month

  • Monthly Strategy Session
  • Workday Content
  • Created with Your Brand
  • Published to a Platform of Your Choosing
  • Social Proof Level 3
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audience engagement (starting at)


per month

  • Strategy and Branded Content Plus
  • Respond and Answer Alerts & Messages
  • Grow Your Connections, Likes, and Followers
  • Respond to Comments and Likes
  • Social Proof Level 4
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Lead Generation (starting at)


per month

  • Audience Engagement Plus
  • Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Layered Marketing Campaign
  • Customer Journey
  • Bot Development and Maintenance
  • Social Proof Level 5
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What do you want from Social Media? 

In the world of social media we have 5 levels of Proof.  The level of proof needs to align with your social media needs, budget, time, and strategy…. Let’s get started


Social Proof Level 1: Branding

When people see your social media profile do they know who you are and what you do? Oh and be able to convey this in about 2 to 5 seconds.

If yes, great you passed Social Proof Level 1!
If not, we can help you accomplish this.

Who Needs This?

Every Company.
This has to be done correctly. You don’t want to confuse your prospects about who you are.

Package & Pricing

$250 one time fee / platform

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Here you will see some brands we have done this for.

Read a Case Study
of our Positive Impact (Coming in Feburary)

Changing the core process increased our stay rate by 30%.  The longer they stay on your page the more likely they are to purchase…SMM

Social Proof Level 2: 
Current Content

Now it is time to talk about content and timing. You do not want people to land on your social media page and ask, “is this business even open?”

There is measurable data which turns negative when a page hasn’t added new content within a few days.

Allow us to be sure you have current content for less than $1 a day!

Who Needs This?

If you are open and active.
Maybe your primary marketing is something else and your social media is there to validate you…

Package & Pricing

$20 or $100 Monthly

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of our Solution

Here is how we delivered content to him via email and our client selected what worked best for him.

Read a Case Study
of the Positive Impact (Coming in March)

Combining our content with his personal engagement he has risen to being one of the most successful realtors in DFW…TH

Social Proof Level 3: Audience

Branding ✅  Content ✅
Now, it’s time to grow your reach and provide proof you are a brand worth noticing.

We do this by increasing the likes and followers on your social media profiles. 

Who Needs This?

Brands who are wanting more than just “brand validation” and want to start increasing their digital “market share.”

Package & Pricing

$500 – $2,500 Monthly

See an Overview
of our Solution

(Coming in March)

Read a Case Study
of the Positive Impact (Coming in April)

(Coming in March)

Social Proof Level 4: Engagement

The more savvy the user, the more they will look around to see what else your social media profile is doing.

So, they check…
Your Branding ✅ Your Content ✅ Your Audience ✅ Now, they’re checking your engagement. Are you posting nonsense or is the content actually resonating with your audience?

This is where engagement comes into play… turning likes and comments into conversations.

Who Needs This?

Companies that really want to create a community around their brand.

Packages & Pricing

$1,000 – $5,000 Monthly

See an Overview
of our Solution

(Coming in April)

Read a Case Study
of the Positive Impact (Coming in April)

(Coming in April)

Social Proof Level 5:
Lead Generation

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Who Needs This?

Companies who use Social Media as a Primary Marketing Strategy

Packaging & Pricing

$2,000 – $10,000

See an Overview
of our Solution

(Coming in May)


(Coming in May)

Happy Clients and Brands Consulted On

Having the Right Strategy Can Make The Difference

From our blog (Coming soon in Feburary)

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