social media etiquette

10 Ways To Bring Your Social Media Etiquette To The Next Level

Social media is paving the way for people and businesses to connect online. It’s also a great tool for businesses to display their company to the right group of people. In a world where anything that happens on the internet stays on the internet forever, it is crucial for businesses and business professionals to understand how to behave online. In this post, we’ll share 10 Ways to Bring Your Social Media Etiquette To The Next Level.

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social media etiquette

By carefully choosing your group or audience for viewing and/or networking, you will minimize irrelevant posts, messages, and emails.

The most important rule here is to create both a personal page and a business page, and keep their information separate. In this informative post, we’ll be focusing on social media etiquette from the business aspect. Below are a few suggestions regarding proper etiquette for businesses and professionals to follow:

social media etiquette

10 Ways to Bring Your Social Media Etiquette to the Next Level

1. Have a strong online profile for your business. We’d love to sit down with you and discuss how we can help you make that happen.

2. Think of your personal profile on social media as your online business card. Sometimes, this is the first way people are introduced to you online. Try and include a valid and updated picture along with your real name.

2. Carefully choose your network and friends. Don’t feel bashful about unfriending someone who’s behaviors or bad language is a threat to your business.

3. Play nice! Acknowledge questions, apologize if you’ve offended someone, and never spam or trash someone else online.

4. Don’t be a keyboard warrior! You have an almost zero chance of convincing someone to change their views online.

5. Do not invite business contacts to play Facebook games. Period.

6. Abstain from over-posting, especially too much personal information. No one wants to know the fiber cereal you ate for breakfast went through you in 10 minutes flat.

7. Issue timely responses to inquiries and messages. This also improves your responsiveness badge on your business page.

8. Avoid posting intentionally vague information, or “vaguebooking”, just for attention. An example of vaguebooking is: “Wow. Just wow.”

9. Do not be a stalker. If someone declines your friend invitation, move on.

10. Use spell check. We love using Chrome as our web browser because it spellchecks our words as we type.

social media etiquette

Remember, you’re writing a post for a business, perhaps even yours. There is no room for spelling or grammatical errors on business or professional posts. Another good rule of thumb is to not post when you’re emotional or angry. Always wait until you’re able to understand all the facts before you comment. You may avoid making a mistake, hurting someone’s feelings, or misinterpreting information.

Maintaining your courtesy and respect, along with being mindful about what you post is invaluable. This goes a long way in developing a habit that will be worth its weight in gold!

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