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Google has all sorts of cool things that most of the general population probably has no idea about. “Googling” has become a verb synonymous with looking something up, and that isn’t just because of how popular the search engine is. The maps app on your phone (if you have an Android) is not only one of the most used map applications, but also a huge database of pictures and ratings for every establishment listed. That’s where these new beacons come in with Project Beacon by Google.

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Google sent out these little beacons to companies all over in order to help grow this project. It’s currently free, and you can apply to be selected to receive one of these for your business if you fit what they’re looking for. Their main purpose is to track customer traffic to your location in order to provide them with better data about busy times, accurate pictures of your location, and help customers’ phones to be able to help them remember where they’ve been before.

Project Beacon by Google:

The Packaging:

Our beacons came in these cute little boxes with instruction manuals on what they are and how to set them up.

The Instructions:

Let’s get started with Project Beacon by Google! We hopped online in order to register and set up our beacon, but really it was only a couple of clicks to get it all done. Google does all the rest.

The Explaination:

This little thing educated us on what the heck it really was that we were getting ourselves into.

The Closeup:

And finally, a closeup of the beacons, because why not?

We’re going to enjoy playing with these to see how they can impact our business. If you want to get involved with Project Beacon, email us at so we can help you apply!

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