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Looking For A Place To Rent? Get A Realtor!


Did you know that some Realtors specialize in rentals?  Call a Realtor’s office and they can put you in touch with a team or individual that can help you. Below are 4 reasons to use a Realtor’s services if you’re looking for a place to rent.

  1. Using a local Realtor that understands the local market can cut down on the search time, and more promptly get you into a home.
  2. Did you know that every landlord can customize their lease? Some can require different renter’s insurance, deposits, and repair requirements. A lease is a contract that you want a professional to look over with you before you sign and move in.
  3. A Realtor can help you with qualifying for a home. Most property management companies use a service that does a background check on a potential tenant. There are times this service gets details wrong and a Realtor can help clarify these errors. The Realtor gives the tenant a voice they would not have if the prospect was pursuing it alone.
  4. Working with a Realtor presents the prospect as a more desirable tenant because they are perceived as being more qualified.

Just like with any industry, there is a fee for a professional service.  You wouldn’t ask an attorney to represent your case in court for free, or ask a dentist to x-ray and clean your teeth for free. So, know their fee up front and budget for it.



Writer: Nick Gartside

Contributor: Shelby Conklin

Editor: Amber Gartside

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