Wise Way To Make Sure You Get a Great Contractor


You had a home inspection, but you’re just not sure about the home’s AC unit, roof, or remodel. You still have questions and because this is a new area, you don’t “know a guy,” but your Realtor does!

Don’t just call around and hope you find a good contractor. Ask your realtor who they would refer you to!

Not only will asking your real estate agent for recommendations create a warm introduction, but great Realtors will also have connections with local contractors. This relationship can help make sure you know every detail before you purchase the home or help with upgrades and repairs after.

Just because you are new to an area doesn’t mean you must settle with a random contractor. Utilize your Realtor’s connections with a referral!

I hope this helps!

Writer: Nick Gartside
Contributor: Travis Hitt

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