3 Top Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Professional

hire a real estate professional

Did you know, “Real estate home prices have risen more than 50% over the last 5 years?” Whether you’re downsizing, relocating for work, or just in the market for new scenery, it is best to have someone knowledgeable on your side. Below are 3 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional, like the one who shared this with you, to guide you through this process.

3 Reasons To Hire a Real Estate Professional

  1. If you’re a home owner for the last couple years, know what kind of equity you now have and the correct price to list the home.
  2. If you’re a buyer, a Realtor can help make sure you’re not over paying for the potential property.
  3. Both reasons listed above may cause some issues with appraisal, which you may need help with.

Don’t do this alone and learn a life lesson the hard way.  Get an experienced Realtor to give you guidance through this investment transaction. Hire a real estate professional to guide you.

I hope this helps someone!

Writer: Nick Gartside

Is Your Realtor Leading Like A Head Coach?


Buying a home may seem simple: talk to your banker or mortgage broker, go look at homes, put in an offer, negotiate, and wait for possession.

However, while the process might seem straightforward, there is much more to a successful real estate transaction than following the few steps listed above.

I define a successful transaction as a smooth process — without any surprises — that allows a buyer to enjoy their home the way they intended for years to come.

Know what to look for

I can’t stress enough the importance of finding a realtor who puts your interests above their own, works hard behind the scenes serving as your consultant, pointing out pros and cons of the properties you are considering.

Here’s are some examples: You love a home that has the kitchen sink facing the side yard. However, you might not have thought about the fact there are no windows where you would put a playground to watch your children play. Maybe you want a four-bedroom home but that fourth bedroom is actually for an office and not a bedroom.

Having a Texas Realtor who is willing to write the contract of the home you plan to write an offer for, carefully examining it to see that all is in order and that there will be no big surprises after the fact. Also, your realtor should be checking the home’s history to discover how often it has changed hands or claims history. A realtor’s job also includes checking days on market and price changes, which can alter how you negotiate terms and price.

A good realtor will act much like a team’s head coach, coordinating between other realtors, mortgage brokers, inspectors, sellers, lawyers and clients to keep the process on track and ensure that there are no surprises upon closing. Helpful realtors keep in contact with their clients, making sure that steps are being followed for a successful closing.

Writer: Nick Gartside