business thank you note

8 Foolproof Tips to Write the Perfect Business Thank You Note

Last week, my good friend and I were sitting down over dessert at a local restaurant. During our conversation she described a workplace situation in which she as a director in her company offered to complete the assignment for an employee on someone else’s team because multiple people were home ill. A few days later, she received a thoughtful thank you note from the appreciative team member and it made my friend’s day. You too can make a lasting mark with our 8 Foolproof Tips to Write the Perfect Business Thank You Note:

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business thank you note


The example above goes to show that a prompt thank you note makes a lasting impression.The employee shows great leadership potential and her well-written thank you note is proof of her potential. Thank you notes are an essential part of business communication etiquette and relationship building. A thoughtful thank you is a requirement of networking, team building, client retention, and every other aspect of business. Show respect and gratitude with these 8 Foolproof Tips to Write the Perfect Business Thank You Note:

business thank you note

8 Foolproof Ways to Write the Perfect Business Thank You Note

1.) Write Thank You Notes Promptly.

Don’t procrastinate writing a thank you note. Write it out when it is still fresh on your mind. Not putting off your thank you will make your sentiments more honest and heartfelt…and yes, the recipient will notice! Of course, it’s never too late to send a business thank you note. Sending one six months after you should have might be embarrassing, but it will also surprise the recipient who may have given up on you.

2.) Keep Thank You Notes Simple.

Thank you notes should be short, simple, and specific. They should be written in the following format:

Dear xxxxx,

[Line 1] Thank you for _________________. (helping sponsor our Small Business Social Media Workshop on March xx, 2018)

[Line 2] It meant so much to us because _________________. (it helped offset costs to have the workshop in a professional venue, and it shows you care about helping other businesses succeed)

[Line 3] Thank you again for __________________ (helping sponsor our Small Business Social Media Workshop). I feel fortunate to work with you.


Your Signature

3.) Personalize Your Thank You Note.

The greeting of your thank you note should be personalized to the title of the person you are writing it to. In business, always use formal titles for those recipients you don’t have a casual relationship with, for example “Dear Mr. Jones” or “Dear Dr. Naylor.” For a business colleague you have a casual relationship with, you can begin your note with “Dear Bob” or “Dear Debra.”

Remember! Exceptional leaders always write a hand-written note.

4.) Use a Real Stamp.

Using a real stamp on the envelope gives the impression that you took the extra time to personalize. A business thank you note is personal, so keep it personal. Also, take the extra time to neatly hand-write the address.

5.) Keep Blank Thank You Cards in Your Desk.

Never have the excuse that you are all out of thank you notes. Keep blank thank you notes in your desk at all times. Ensure that you never run out.

business thank you note

6.) Don’t Ask for Favors.

Now is not the time to ask for favors or requests. Leave them out.

EXCEPTION: It is customary after a sales meeting to type a thank you letter or email reaccentuating or reiterating your products and services, with the purpose of asking for the sale.

7.) Teach by Example the Importance of a Thank You.

A sign of a great leader is his or her ability to teach others how to lead effectively. They motivate others by their example. Showing others that you appreciate a thank you note reveals that you believe in the importance of a thank you note. Saying thank you to your team shows that you appreciate them. Gratitude is powerful!

8.) When Appropriate Send a Thank You Gift.

Sometimes, it makes sense to send a gift along with your thank you note. This especially makes sense in business when someone has gone above and beyond or when you are trying to establish or seal a vital business relationship. Be sure your gift is relevant and professional.

We hope you understand now why writing a business thank you note is vital in building lasting business relationships. We hope you adopt this important business strategy and add it to your business etiquette repertoire.

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  1. Thank you for this post, Nick. In today’s … “me, me, me” … business environment, a personal, hand written thank you card is a breath of fresh air. A sad but true reality is, a personal thank you card is almost a fully lost art.

    Even those theoretically learning business acumen are now being taught to focus more on running their business and generating more money — without diving into the “dating” my customer mindset.

    As you clearly defined in your article above — a thank you card is one nice and can be vital, especially … “when you are trying to establish or seal a vital business relationship.”.

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