social media addiction

4 Crucial Signs You May Have A Social Media Addiction

How much is too much when it comes to checking your social media profiles? Does your family or close friends ever complain about you checking your phone constantly? Well, it’s not entirely your fault…after all, the main goal of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms is to get you to repeatedly check back into them. They are designed that way. In this article, we’ll examine  4 Crucial Signs You May Have A Social Media Addiction.

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social media addiction

Social media addiction has sparked a lot of attention not only with those studying addiction, but with the general population as well. Lots of people view addiction as being connected to a substance; one that is harmful to us not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. As we stated above, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media apps are by their very design made to get you to repeatedly check back in. Here’s 3 Genius Ways You Can Beat Social Media Addiction:

social media addiction

4 Crucial Signs You May Have A Social Media Addiction

Whether or not someone is potentially addicted to social media is best answered by you. There are some clues that can help you determine if you are spending a little too much time and need to step away. A few ways to determine if a problem with social media exist are as follows:

1) You experience anxiety, sleeplessness, or an inability to concentrate when you’re without social media.

2) You choose to communicate online rather than in person.

3) You’re constantly checking or refreshing social media for notifications or “likes”.

4) There’s also a compulsion to “share” too much, whether it be with photos or content.

social media addiction

Over-sharing or posting your life in pictures may indicate an obsessive need for connection to others and the world around us. This is actually counteractive, in that it can lead to actual isolation of others.

3 Helpful Tips To Curb Your Social Media Addiction

By monitoring yourself and determining the actual amount of time you spend on social media, you can begin to regulate and adjust that time if necessary.

It’s also beneficial to ask a trusted friend to be an accountability partner to help you be mindful regarding the amount of time spent browsing, posting, or commenting. This strengthens your possibility for success!

Finally, limiting how often you have access to social media is also important. Unplug every now and then and “refresh” yourself! It’s a guarantee that social media isn’t going anywhere, and it will be there for you when you return!

For more social media tips be sure to check us out on Facebook. What tips do you have for curbing your social media appetite?

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